Remote for Light Painting – Unleashed – Smart Phone DSLR Remote

Introduction to the Unleashed DSLR Smart Phone Remote

Light Painting Photography alone can be done in several ways. One important issue doing it alone is the trigger.

Since I use a Canon 5D my display can be used easily with a simple touch to start and then again to stop the exposure. That makes it necessary that you will be at your camera the moment you want to start shooting. Many times that makes some shots simply impossible. If you want to start your long exposure from far away you need a remote. In most cases I take a radio remote. Today you can also use your mobile phone.

Unleashed – by Foolography Berlin

Unleashed DSLR Smart Phone Remote

One of the more simple gadgets I found doing the job well is the Unleashed DSLR Smart Phone Remote  – by Foolography. A team from Berlin makes this possible. A super simple app allows you to start and stop in the exact same manner from your phone when connected to your DSLR.

From unboxing to installation, to use the camera it took me just a bit more than a minute. When I saw that, I was convinced I could use that for my light painting nights. Because it means less gear.

In the field I needed to learn just one little tweak I want to share with you. Just make sure your phone does not turn off the screen. When that happens the Bluetooth connection to the DSLR will most likely be interrupted. When you wake up it will take a moment to reconnect to the camera and react to your commands. If you work in a relatively bright environment this may not be ideal, because you may need to trigger at exact times. Just make sure your phone goes to sleep and that will not be a problem. Easy tool – nice to have.

Super simple, easy,

Unleashed DSLR Phone Remote

small and black.

Unleashed DSLR Phone Remote

From unboxing to the very first photo it takes about 2 minutes. You don’t believe that? If you are interested I created a short unpacking and installation video. It ends with me taking the first photo. Its super simple. I promise.

Unleashed DSLR Remote - Unboxing, Installation to first Photo

Of course the ‘Unleashed’ has a ton of more functionalities that I will soon be exploring. If you are interested in Light Painting Photography, the minimum requirement for a remote is to trigger on ‘start’ and ‘stop’ so that’s what I wanted to show here. Timelapse is a different story 😉

Remote for Light Painting - Unleashed - Smart Phone DSLR Remote


The Unleashed Trigger I used was designed for a Canon 5D Mark IV which is a DSLR full frame camera. Today we have a lot of choices and new cameras hit the market every year you probably ask yourself what the difference Difference between SLR and DSLR cameras. Do I really need to go mirrorless and upgrade?

The Team of Chasing Heartbeats Photography has published a comprehensive article on “Difference between SLR and DSLR cameras: Know your gear! I think you guys would truly appreciate and add value to your awesome article. Go check it out and learn.

You can check it out here.


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