Light Painting Gallery by Gunnar Heilmann

Experiment with all sorts of light tools and applying them in every possible situation. That’s part of my pull towards more and more Light Painting. Here you find an assorted part of my Light Painting Gallery with specific topics.

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Fiber Optic Portaits

Fiber Optic Light Painting Portrait

Lite Up Nature

Light Painting Landscape

Tube Light Painting


Lite up Tree's

Light Painting Tree's

Camera Rotation

Camera Rotation Light Painting

Man Made


With light painting, I try to influence the viewer’s perception of the subject I photograph, often creating new sculptural forms, scales, and atmospheres and transferring them into magical landscapes and deep, whimsical portraits.

By using light as an instrument, I reinterpret with my choreographies by painting with light and transforming imperceptible moments into visual stories. To create new and creative photographs, I try to appropriate all sorts of tools such as fiber optics, fire and torches, juxtaposing natural and artificial elements during the exposure.

Light Paintung Camera Rotation Pyramid Garzau

Most of my photography is done outdoor and throughout the world. If you love nature and the outdoors, you will find some interesting views on many famous spots featured in my Light Painting Photography.

When going through my images keep in mind, I always work with the aim to get a result that does not need any post-production, apart from crop, white balance, and maybe a bit of noise and color correction. For one I am lazy and I don’t want to spend too much time in Photoshop, on the other hand, I do love the challenge to get 99% of the result done in the camera.

Meteor Jam 2022

Beginners Guide to Light Painting

Stolen Images – Internet Plague of Plagiarism.

What’s in your bag?

Drone Light Painting