Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits

Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits

One of my favorite tools in Light Painting Photography is the Black Fiber Optic Brush in different configurations combined with different colors. Here you’ll find a few of my most exciting examples of this technique. There is also a tutorial about this. Please go to my ‘video’ section for more.

After playing with that tool with my neighbor Daniel (first photograph) I found what others may call a signature tool. I really fell in love with the effects and saw immediately the possibilities. After the photo with “The guy with that beard” many people started asking questions; how did you do that? That’s when the tutorial came about. The tool has been around for some years before I got into it but for some reason, I started using it a little bit differently. Anyhow, I hope you like what you see.

How much does a Fiber Optic Brush normally cost?

Depending on where you live you can purchase that in your country. Why is that one of the first questions? If you have some small item sent to you from around the world its not only not friendly for the environment. It also implies some customs fees. Please consider that first, before you deal with unknown costs. If you put shipping and customs aside you get a Fiber Optic Brush starting at 15€  or 24$ depending on where you get it.

Where do you get the Fiber Optic Brush?

If you are looking for these Light Painting tools in Europe go to LightPaintingParadise Shop.

Living in the US you might want to get your tools at Light Painting Brushes.

Also you can purchase a fiber glas lamp from Amazon and repurpose the parts to do this. some may give you already a great color change effect. Might as well use it.

Fiber Optic Light Painting Brushes
Fiber Optic Brush Gunnar Heilmann Light Painting
Light Painting NFTs on Rarible Gunnar Heilmann

My first NFT’s on Rarible

If I get into that I have to start with what I love the most. For my first public NFT’s I of course had to choose some Fiber Optic Light Paintings.

The new digital age has arrived. On Rarible.com/gunn4r you can from now on take ownership over some of my art-work. What’s that? Art that has been registered in a blockchain. So-called Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity, as well as digital ownership, and the possibility of asset interoperability across multiple platforms. NFTs are used in several specific applications that require unique digital items crypto art. That’s what I just did with 3 of my images.

The Black Fiber Optic Brush for Lightpainting

Here is a short tutorial of how I use the Black Fiber Brushes. The only difference to the actual video – I normally use my Canon most of the time the Olympus helps to illustrate it for you. That beautiful model I did not introduce to you (shame on me) is Lisa Xuan. She is a long time friend and she is been helping me here and there. thanx! and she says: The model needs to hold still!! really still!

Fiber Optic Light Painting Portrait Gunnar Heilmann

Fiber Optic Portrait by Vincent alias twentycentlight

Tutorial - Light Painting with the Black Fiber Optic Brush

As you can see it is not that difficult to create your own Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits.

Here I have shown you in about 5 min how to create your own Fiber Optic Light Paintings.
Thank you for your interest. If you have more questions and suggestions, go ahead and just ask or comment.

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Fiber Optic Light Painting Portraits