Light Painting Architecture

Selection of most stunning architectural Light Paintings by Gunnar Heilmann.

Setting the stage for Man-Made structures with Light, nonpermanent yet kept in a still. Light Painting Architecture holds many challenges on all the different aspects of photography and also the Light Painting itself. The importance of the lens and the light pollution will eminently come to play the moment you step in front of the structure you imagined to be so nice in your frame. You arrive and then everything is different. For me that represents a challenge and provides another aspect of the engineering puzzle of the Light Painting. You start light painting and the texture of the facade has the texture you wanted – Bam! The fun starts.

You can explore here some examples of indoor and outdoor architectural Light Paintings that have been created in the past years. The aim would be to emphasize the features of a structure and magnify the texture that would otherwise not be so strongly visible at night.

But Remember!

Sometimes adding a light painting feature with a tube or a fiber can create an interesting visual interaction and is fun. Other times buildings can be overwhelming by their appearance or in some cases simply because of their history. This is where we as Light Painters take responsibility to respect not only safety measures. It can easily offend someone if you use your Pixelstick to put a rainbow on some memorial that is connected to their past. Be careful and read up on where you going.

My travels have taken me to many different places around the world. Over the many years, I started and landed on more than 150 different Airports on this planet. Inbetween landing and take off again, I try to photograph the interesting and the extraordinary. Here I want to share some of the human-made side of this world. Architecture in all conditions, abandoned or full of life I want to shine a different light. See for yourself.

My source of inspiration for Light Painting Architecture?

Ok two things here. Great friend and Idol for me is Xiao Yang, originally from China. She lives today in Spain.
Anyhow, I had the pleasure to work with her a few times and I just simply love her work. But see for yourself.

Secondly, there is the World Architecture Map. You will find the most obscure locations and how to get there. Sometimes I would check a location before I would visit. Here and there you’ll find something unusual. If it’s on the way I would try to go there or allow myself a little detour.

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