For the Love of Trees and Nature.

Tree’s have a strong pull for me. Light Painting Trees has become an important topic for my travels. When I know where I travel next, I always look for a famous tree I could possibly light paint.

Trees symbolize life for me. During my past travels, I already came across some spectacular trees. I found some growing in the most unusual places and creating shapes and forms so different from the common image of a tree. With a passion for life, and the fascination for the longevity, I light up these trees. This page will show you a selection of the trees all around the world in a very unusual unseen light.

Future Tree Light Painting Project

One of my dreams would be to travel the world and find the most iconic trees the world has to offer on every continent and create a Light Painting there. Possible in collaboration with local Light Painters, I can imagine a huge creative art project that can trigger the imagination of the community. In the end, it would be super cool to have a coffee table book or a calendar that shows the best results.

One problem: I don’t know any Light Painter living in the Antarctic and also I don’t know of any tree that is alive on the Ice.
Ok, let us do 6 continents! Who is in?


How do you find interesting trees to photograph?

Light Painting trees should not be so difficult. There are super interesting trees everywhere. One way of searching for an interesting tree to photograph is the Website Monumental Trees.

The Oak from Ivenack 

Beginners Guide to Light Painting

Meteor Jam 2022

Flashlights for Light Painting

Wind Tunnel Light Painting