Camera Rotation

Camera Rotation Light Painting

Camera Rotation as a Light Painting Photography technique

belongs into the category of Kinetic Light Painting. Camera Rotation is exactly what you think it is. During the exposure time, the camera rotates on a tripod or any device needed. The lens can stay open during the rotation, then you’ll see some light trails. If the lens is open only at some points or times – you may see the same scene just in different lights.

Over the past years, this technique has become one of my favorites to combine with the more traditional approaches. Many times it lets the mind wander and ask oneself, how did that happen. The Kinetic aspect changes everything. The human mind will find patterns yet very often it’s hard to comprehend what actually happened there. This is the aspect I find super intriguing. There is so much more to explore.

Here you find a small selection of my way of facilitating this technique:

Camera Rotation Device

So what does it look like when taking a Camera Rotation Photograph? Here you can see the double L set up that I chose. I own a few different tools for that application.

If you want to learn more do do it yourself follow this link to my extrended blog article.

Light Painting Camera Rotation by Gunnar Heilmann - Lens Cover for Light Painting

Where does that come from?

In the end, I don’t really care who did it first or who invented it. The Camera Rotation – Light Painting that fascinated and inspired Me came mostly from a bunch of crazy creatives from the UK. Names like Tim Gamble (find his blog article on the topic – there is also a nice interview with Sven Gerard) and Mart Barras, as well as Chris Thompson, is just some impressive names on that end. Check out their work. You’ll be absolutely amazed and blown away by their creativity and skill. Remember when you see it: all that is no Photoshop!

Camera Rotation Light Painting - Train Wheel Spin

Making Of Camera Rotation – Light Painting example.

if you like to see the making of video of one of the Camera Rotation series go to the Video section

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