Best Dress Code for Light Painting ?

Is there Fashion for Light Painters ?

Let us discuss the best dress code for Light Painting Photography. What we consider best for the job will depend on your composition and purpose of your planned photograph. If you do not want You, or some parts of you to show up in your images;

This is what you would look for when doing Light Painting Photograph: to be invisible to the camera, on the hope you do not leave any trace of your presence in the pictures created, were black clothes. This is how it works.

Three Light Painters and the model.

Balck clothes for Light Painting make you invisible to the camera

From left to right: Zach Alan, July Thornton, Dan Roberts and me. By color you see who is the model.

Light Painter fully dressed up in black ready for the night.

Plainblack clothes will not prevent you from leaving a trace in the picture: you will need to keep moving your body as well as our light sources.

It’s up to you the sartorial choice for invisibility. Most Light Painters do not want to leave a trace of themselves in the photograph they create. Black becomes the easiest path to hide from the camera.

The main fashion statement would be:

“All Black”

When you see a Light Painter go shopping for clothes…. its very likely something in black.

Light Painter Cisco & Gunnar Heilmann wearing black for Light Painting

Here you see Cisco from Marroco and me with our light tools. Both of us of course in black!
He is an amazing artist, go see his work too.

Light Painting the solitary tree.
Light Painting by Gunnar-Heilmann in Berlin, Spindlersfeld. Inside the Circle you'll find my face.

In both images you can find hints of the hidden photographer. One can wear as much black, but sometimes you just end showing up in the picture. A face, a hand, a foot or just the zipper of your pants… In a way, I started embracing these little human  `presences´. I started liking it. It’s like a prove I was there too.

Many people would not even recognize the arm sticking out next to the tree. There is a small part of the “How to” story: If I show up, it would sometimes be a feature.

Have a look at the picture on the right. At first there was a full-on concentrated busy face. Then I understood that my face gets lit by the tool. Instead of putting black tape on the back of my tube, I smiled into the camera. Have a closer look!

Leave no trace? That’s up to you!

Milkyway and Light Painting Orb - feet are visible
Light Painting Photography Rostiger Nagel

The Light Painter as a Light Painting tool himself.

Final notes: It’s your art, you decide what you like or not. You might want to make it a feature and make it work in your favor. In both images shown here, my feet were an intentional feature. I lit my legs and created an interesting bouncy light trail.

Started as a test, then it got incorporated into the concept merging into my art. You can also become the Light Painting Tool and introduce nice organic light shapes and trails into your image. Give it a try.

Is wearing black clothes for Light Painting the best solution?

Most of the time you want to wear Black in order to be invisible. BUT you can Make it a feature! You can wear anything you want. It might just look very cool after all.

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