You ask: Where do i find your work? Here you’ll find a selection of puplications of my photos.

November 2018 –  Sächsische Zeitung

The regional news paper Sächsische Zeitung was covering the Light Painting visit from the 10th of November.

Together with Sven Gerard (https://www.lichtkunstfoto.de) and friends we were allowed full access to the Excavator 1452 in Görlitz. Many thanks again to the organizer Danilo Eberhard Strauss and the team from the museum (https://www.vereinbergbaulicher-zeitzeugen.de) in Görlitz.

May – June 2018 – Kite Boarding Magazin

Bettina Menzel was writing for Kiteboarding magazin  a piece on kite surfing in Namibia and gave some of my photos room on a few pages in the May / June  2018 issue. Thats really cool! Again i have to thank Natalia Cerqueira for organising the adventure!

Feburar 2018 – Chip Foto Video

The Photo / Video magazin with the biggest audience in germany gave me a double page for the fiberoptic light painting portraits in February 2018. Thats really cool!

Again i have to thank my great friend Daniel for beeing this awesome model!

November 2017 – Kite Magazin Germany

Very proud iam actually of the Cover of the Kite Magazine Germany issue November / December 2017 which is showing off a Lightpainting.

At the end of April 2017, I joined the #Woodboardfamily on a trip to Hamata because of the weather conditions and the possibility of trade winds at night. We decided to do late night Lightpainting feat. KiteSurfingat the Red Sea.