My Light Art World Map

My Light Art World Map

Over the past 10 years, I have been light painting on six continents and many many countries. Here you get a glimpse of my travel and the art that was created along the way. Some of these photos are created by meeting some amazing people. Thank you to all who have been part of my travels. Explore my worldwide travels and creative results through my Google Light Art World Map. My favorite Light Paintings from 6six continents.

Click on the icons to see the images taken at the individual spots.

Beginners Guide to Light Painting

The Beginner's Guide to Light Painting in Photography Picasso wasn’t just born a genius with a brush - he had guidance. If you want to learn to paint with light, this is the most comprehensive Beginners Guide to Light Painting. Light Painting is a unique photographic technique that, at first glance, looks like it takes an [...]

Stolen Images – Internet Plague of Plagiarism.

When you publish any good photos I guess that's what happens. Someone will appreciate the art and steal it. It happened to me soooo many times now. My opinion: Stolen images - Internet plague of plagiarism. I mean come on, you could have at least asked! The Internet seems still to be the wild wild [...]

What’s in your bag?

What's in my bag? Good friend and epic LightPainter Sven Gerard from Lichtkunstfoto.de shared what's in his bag and ask me what's in mine. That got me thinking. A lot of thinking. A lot of questions went through my head (very effective procrastination technique not to get the post done by tomorrow). The first question [...]