Light Painting Tutorials

Black Fiber Brush for Lightpainting

Here is a short tutorial of how i use the Black Fiber Brushes. Only difference to the actual video – i normally use my Canon most of the time .. the Olympus helps ito illustrate it for you … That beautiful model i did not introduce to you (shame on me) is Lisa Xuan. She is a long time friend and she is been helping me here and there. thaaanx! and she says: The model need to hold still!! really still!

Pink Fiber Brush for Lightpainting

Here you’ll find a tutorial on how to do Light Painting using a white background.

I have been ask to also explain a few things for some of the Lightpaintings on White Background. So i thought i quickly show you in a short tutorial. Therte is one ‚real time‘ example so you see what i did and how.

Light Painting Location Check

Uyuni Train Cemetary – Location Check 007

This video will give you an overview on the train cemetary in Uyuni, Bolivia. Flying with the drone over the tourist attraction will give you ideas before you actually go to the location. You can plan your shooting and select the right spots. What are the coolest trains you want to photograph? This film will help you up front to get sorted.

Horca del Inca – Location Check 006

Horca del Inca or Pachakata Is a pre-Incan astronomical observatory located on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, a known area and departure base for most tours related to Inca culture. The megalithic work was wrongly named as “Inca Gallow” and only in the 70s a researcher discovered its real purpose: solstice, the sun beams light through the lintel of the thrilictic structure, marking the Ayamara New Year.

Light Painting Location Check 005 – Excavator 1452

Together with Sven Gerard (https://www.lichtkunstfoto.de) and friends we were allowed full access to the Excavator 1452 (http://www.vereinbergbaulicher-zeitze…) in Görlitz. The excavator was built in 1961 and is about 75m long and 33.5m tall.Very happy we could finish two great pictures by 8PM. By midnight we had a great selection of photos but could not exhaust the full potential of the sight.

Devils Bridge Rakotzbruecke –  Location Check 004

Location check # 004 is for one of my favourite spots in my area. I’ve been there several times and will go again. Here i represent the Rakotzbrücke or sometimes also called Devils Bridge. It very old (1860) so you should not climb it. Absolutly prohibited! Dont! Also no drone flights anymore. This footage is from back in the days when there were no such signs and laws.

Rostiger Nagel – Location Check 003

Here is my next location check. This video gives you an overview on the „Rusty Nail“ which is located in Brandenburg, Germany. You’ll see some example images i took and a short fly over with my drone, so you can go there with a plan in your head what you like to do. If you do so please tag me in your results and shar with me what you came up with.

Geo / GPS location 51.527238, 14.098846